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Bye-Bye Blackheads
Bye-Bye Blackheads
Bye-Bye Blackheads
Bye-Bye Blackheads
Bye-Bye Blackheads

Bye-Bye Blackheads

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Bye-Bye Blackheads

  • The Product is designed to easily unclog pores and remove excess oils, dead skin, make-up residue, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • Microdermabrasion is a treatment used to fight acne and oily skin, revealing a clearer, fresher and brighter complexion.
  • Simple and easy to use, this high-tech professional beauty tool can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Lumora Skin Micro-Derma Pro Suction Heads


  • Easy, quick and low-priced - your at-home alternative to expensive clinical treatments.
  • Unclogs pores - removing dirt, oils, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, resulting in clearer, fresher skin.
  • Shrinks pores - reducing future breakouts and blemishes and improve overall skin tone.
  • Stimulates blood flow - boosting complexion by increasing the oxygen flow around the muscles. This is what gives you that bright, fresh glow!

The package includes:

  • Bye-Bye Blackheads machine
  • 6 suction heads
  • USB charger
  • Instructions manual


  • The suction on the machine is very strong.
  • Please test the suction heads and levels on your hand first, before applying the device to your face.
  • Apply gentle pressure at all times.
  • Constantly slide the device across the face in one direction, instead of holding it in one place.
  • We recommend using this device for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time, 1-2 times per week at most.
  • Overuse may lead to bruising, swelling or other complications.
  • Do not use the device near the eyes or any sensitive skin areas.